With an increase of cheap Chinese copies being imported into the UK, Muck-Truck have released a video to show consumers in the power barrow market how to tell the difference between a genuine UK made Muck-Truck, and a cheap imported copy.

Looking at the two products side by side, you would assume that these are the same products made in the same factory, out of the same material, to the same specifications, however looks can be deceiving.  When taking a closer look at the two machines it doesn’t take a technical genius to see the vast difference in build quality. Muck-Truck have released this video to ask you to think twice before buying a cheap import.

For not a huge difference in price you can purchase a genuine Muck-Truck from PES Plant Ltd complete with a full manufacturer’s warranty, next day delivery, and an efficient service on future parts with no hidden import fees.

Click the link below to view Muck-Trucks video