The motorised wheelbarrow was conceived, designed and built by Muck-Truck® and is the world’s most popular brand of mini-dumper. Many others have tried to emulate it without success and its continued success and market leading innovation is due to the constant research and development to ensure the Muck-Truck® remains the primary, quality mini-dumper available.

The range starts off at the standard 6cu ft Muck-Truck® which was the original and first mini-dumper and then moves to its bigger brother Max-Truck™ with a 8cu ft skip, designed for builders and landscapers to increase productivity and decrease operator fatigue. The recently launched H-Max™ has a 10cu ft skip and offers hydraulic tipping rather than the standard tip of the Muck-Truck® and Max-Truck™. The innovative E-Truck® completes the range and has the ability to work in buildings or areas where noise or fumes may be a problem as it is completely electric.

All the dumpers except the E-Truck® are powered by a Honda petrol engine and are four-wheel drive ensuring maximum traction when operating on rough or wet terrain and have 3 forward and 1 reverse gear. The dumpers are fitted with fail safe disconnect so if an operator trips or falls the drive is disconnected and the parking brake applied meaning the dumper is the safest one currently available.

The dumpers are available with a range of accessories including skip extensions, flatbed, loading ramp and the innovative ball hitch for use by holiday parks in moving caravans around on site.


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