The Volvo DD15 and DD25 compact rollers are designed to give maximum compaction with the best possible mat finish when laying asphalt by using machined drums with a chamfered edge. With their sloping bonnets and optimised driving positions, the Volvo compact roller maximises operator visibility enhancing efficiency and safety and by incorporating built in safety features, depending on model, such as ROPS frame, seat belt alarm, SAHR parking brake, emergency stop switch, seat shutdown switch and neutral start.

    • Drum surface has chamfered edges to produce a professional quality finish on each job.
    • Minimal side clearances allow efficient manoeuvring around obstacles.
    • Easy-to-lift engine enclosure enables ground-lever access to engine, radiator, battery and filters.
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    • New Volvo D1.7A engine delivers high performance while meeting the stringent stage IV emissions regulations without an exhaust aftertreatment system.
    • 360° -visibility, with an optimally positioned sliding seat and a sloping engine hood design, the operator will experience industry-leading, all-around visibility.
    • A rust-proof, pressurized water system provides consistent flow to the drum surfaces - eliminating asphalt pick-up.
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As with every Volvo product, the Volvo compact roller is built to last by making serviceability easy by the use of lightweight, fully opening engine canopy for effortless daily checks and ease of maintenance by the operator. The Volvo rust-free pressurised water sprinkler system comes as standard with cleanable, filtered nozzles that provide quick cleaning in the event of a blockage

The Volvo compact rollers offer a competitive advantage in the compaction and rolling of hot mix asphalt, soil sub-base, aggregate-base, and numerous other applications by using high frequency vibration and innovative features to give faster rolling speed, stellar performance and maximising productivity.

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