Every day 82 people in the UK will suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest………but only 8 will survive.

PES have just purchased a new De-fib from the Oliver King Foundation after seeing Mark King on Breakfast Television after the Danish footballer had a cardiac arrest during the recent Euro’s. Mark set up the foundation after his son Oliver lost his life at the too young age of 12 in 2011 after suffering a cardiac arrest, the ambulance took 25 minutes to arrive at Ollie’s school and sadly he lost his life. If a de-fib had been available the outcome may have been considerably different and Mark has set himself the goal of making a De-fib as common to see as a fire extinguisher in a building.


To date in excess of 5200 De-fib’s have been supplied by the Oliver King Foundation from Land’s End to John O’Groats which is a staggering achievement and I urge you as our customers to get behind the foundation and invest in a De-fib. When you invest in a De-fib from the Foundation they personally deliver it and carry out a training programme that explains in very simple construction industry terms how to use it.


We all have fire extinguishers in our work place and if you’re anything like PES, although they are annually checked, have never been used. You are probably more likely to need a De-fib than a fire extinguisher and remember for every minute after a cardiac event the chances of your survival with no after effects diminish. Don’t be one of the 74, be one of the 8. Invest in a De-fib via the Oliver King Foundation …………………your life may depend on it!!!!!






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