Winget have been manufacturing quality, durable and reliable construction equipment since 1908. Mostly known in recent times in the UK for their cement mixers, the Winget range of site mixers is renowned for supplying the most durable, engineered and well-built site mixer currently available. Go to any plant auction you will see rows of 3 year old competitor’s mixers standing alongside 10 year old Wingets, you can’t get a better accolade than that!! Competitively priced but not the cheapest, customers purchase a Winget site mixer because they know that by paying a little bit more in the first place that investment will be paid back tenfold over the life of a machine.

From the heavy-duty, two piece drum instead of the one piece, light duty competitors to the bevel wheel and pinion individually replaceable drivetrain as opposed to the one piece gearbox unit used by others, its obvious that the Winget is built to be used not built to fail. Available from 100 litres to 200 litres mixed batch output and powered by a Yanmar electric start diesel engine, by purchasing a Winget site mixer you can be assured you are investing in the best site mixer currently available.

Mainly for the export market, Winget manufacture a range of mechanically fed batch mixers, both in tilting and reversing drum formats from 200 litre to 500 litre mixed batch output which can be configured with various extra’s and options to suit your individual requirements.

As well as mixers Winget manufacture a 500kg capacity hi-tip and 650kg standard tip tracked pedestrian dumper based on the proven Honda tracked carrier frame. Aimed mainly for the small builder or landscape gardener, the Winget provides a cost-effective, lightweight tracked dumper with a hydrostatic transmission and Honda petrol engine that is simple and safe to use.


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