Volvo manufacture a range of compact conventional and zero-tail excavators from 1.5 tonne to 8 tonne class carrier weight as well as a 6 tonne wheeled excavator. All Volvo products are built with the same basic principles………..quality, efficiency, innovation and the most important, the legendary Volvo back-up.


Volvo design their excavators with the operator in mind with large, ergonomic, vibration and noise insulated cabs with excellent visibility from large expanses of flat glass. The uncluttered floor with large travel pedals allow the compact excavator to be driven like its larger Volvo brothers with both hands on the joysticks with the feet controlling movement whilst the no-gap or raise edge between the floor and door allows quick and easy cleaning.

The Volvo distinctive colour scheme has instant recognisability with the matt grey undercarriage and arm allowing the grease marks and dirt not to show. It’s easy to keep a Volvo looking in pristine condition unlike its more colourfully painted competitors which means when it's time to renew the high residual value of your Volvo means it is one of the lowest whole-life cost of ownership excavators available.

Depending on the model, the Volvo range of compact excavators come with a host of benefits including amongst others 50 hour grease intervals, automatic two speed travel, auto idle and auto shutdown. The auto idle and auto shutdown reduce fuel consumption, service costs and keep the hourmeter reading low that is important for the high residual value as it is estimated that up to 30% of a compact excavators life is spent on tick-over.

Built up to a standard and not down to a price, the Volvo range of compact excavators are not the cheapest on the market but are designed and built for the discerning operator who demand performance, engineering and back-up rather than the looking at the weekly hire rate they receive for it. This makes the Volvo ideal for contractors, owner/operators, groundworkers and civil engineers. Stand out from the crowd, invest in a Volvo compact excavator and benefit from a partnership that help’s decrease the total cost of ownership whilst benefitting from one of the most powerful compact excavator available.


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