Dumper Gearbox / Transmissions

PES can supply parts for most gearboxes and transmissions used in the most popular site dumpers such as Thwaites, Mecalac, Terex/JCB, Ausa, Barford and Wacker Neuson. Due to the lack of choice of supply, most dumper OEM’s now use a combination of Dana Spicer and ITL driveline components in their dumpers with subtle differences in the build spec. However, there is still a large population of Newage gearboxes and axles in dumpers even though Newage discontinued their dumper driveline business in 2008

At one time the Newage 40M2 and 85M2 gearboxes were fitted to every 3 tonne and below dumper available to buy and the Newage range of 215, 415, 615 and 915 axles were fitted to the majority of 2 to 9 tonne dumpers. Despite new units not being available since 2008, the majority of the commonly used parts are still available and where they are obsolete PES have a range of good used components instead. The market has not gone completely hydrostatic and the Dana Spicer 401 range has replaced the Newage now and is fitted to all dumpers up to 3 tonnes with a clutch. This sturdy Dana Spicer 401 is a compact gearbox and PES keep a good stock of all the components required to repair your unit as well as the Dana Spicer axle range that has replaced the Newage. The ITL transmission is commonly used in most 6 tonne and above dumpers with PES keeping all the parts on the shelf so you can rebuild your transmission. There are still a large amount of Terex and Ausa dumpers fitted with the older Spicer COM-T4-2012 and COM-T4-2026 transmission but all the bearing, seals, clutch plates and discs and pumps are kept as well as torque convertors for both the ITL and the Spicer transmissions. As the largest supplier of dumper spare parts in the UK with over £750,000 worth of parts on the shelf ready for next day delivery, PES are able to support all your Newage, Dana Spicer, ITL and Spicer gearbox and transmission parts for your Thwaites, Mecalac, Terex/JCB, Ausa, Barford and Wacker Neuson dumpers.

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