Epiroc supply a range of equipment and hydraulic attachments for the construction, mining, civil engineering and tunnelling industries and was formed when Atlas Copco decided to split into two companies with Atlas Copco concentrating on the manufacturing and process industries. With a pedigree dating back to the 60’s with the Krupp brand and the invention of the first hydraulic breaker, Epiroc have evolved to be a world leader in hydraulic attachments and have turned the excavator into more than a digging machine by having a full range of excavator mounted hydraulic attachments to turn it into a multi-tasking tool carrier.

The Epiroc SB, MB and HB make up the hydraulic breaker range and are complimented by the Epiroc CC and CB range of concrete cutters and busters, specifically designed and built for primary and secondary demolition tasks. Once demolition has taken place, the Epiroc MG range of multi-grapples can effortlessly sort and load material or the larger pieces of steel can be picked up by Epiroc HM hydraulic magnet and moved to be processed into smaller chunks by the Epiroc SC metal shear. Smaller masonry can be crushed on-site by the Epiroc BC crusher bucket and the waste material screened by the revolving BS bucket screener to remove the fines. Any loose waste earth can be spread on site and compacted down by the Epiroc HC hydraulic compactor.

There you have it, a complete range of quality, task orientated hydraulic attachments from Epiroc, a leading, innovative manufacturer that won’t let you down and has the back-up and support to keep your attachment working, earning you money in the most cost-effective, efficient manner. Don’t be driven down by price, be driven up to whole-life cost savings by investing in an Epiroc attachment.

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