Epiroc / Atlas Copco Parts & Steels

As the largest selling hammer in the UK, the Epiroc range of SB hydraulic hammers, previously branded as Atlas Copco, combines superior efficiency and performance with outstanding reliability which is why is comes with a 3-year warranty. Although not the cheapest, discerning customers pay for quality and reliability. But why do these customers stick a cheap, non-quality tool in their Epiroc SB hammer? It may be that all SB tools look the same so why not save a few pounds? You cannot see the difference between a quality Epiroc SB tool and a cheap one as they all look the same, the secret is in the metal and the heat treatment. Cheap tools mean cheap metal and inferior heat treatment which in turn means broken tools and damaged pistons.

Epiroc SB hammers come with a 3-year warranty but only if genuine Epiroc SB tools are used. The difference in price between a genuine Epiroc SB tool and a non-genuine Chinese copy may only be a few pounds, but if breaks within a month and damages your hammer piston your warranty is invalid. Stick to genuine, because of our buying power PES have secured a fantastic price on genuine Epiroc SB tools so now there is no need to compromise. Keep it genuine, only use Epiroc SB steels………..you know it makes sense.


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