The seven model Epiroc SC range of hydraulic shears fit excavators from 4 tonne to 110 tonne in weight and are specifically designed and built for steel cutting from plates and girders through to ships and airplanes, the latter primarily used when it is essential to minimise the risk of sparks and flames. Demolition is the primary market for the SC range, cutting steel structures and processing girders, sheets and cables into smaller, transportable packages. The Epiroc SC270, the smallest shear in the range that fits a 4 tonne excavator has a massive 36 tonne cutting force and its big brother SC8300 that fits excavators from 45 tonne to 100 tonne has a 242 tonne cutting force, meaning whatever size excavator you have there is an Epiroc SC hydraulic shear designed and built to tackle the task in hand.


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