The Barford range of dumpers were fitted with Newage 40M gearboxes in the Barford 2 Tonne straight tip and Barford 2 Tonne swivel skip and the Newage 85M gearboxes in the Barford 3 Tonne straight tip and Barford 3 Tonne swivel skip until Newage went into administration and then both ranges were fitted with the Spicer 401. Both the Newage and the Spicer boxes fitted to the Barford range of dumpers were very similar in design and could be described as ‘crash type’ boxes with no syncromesh on any gears and a simple 3 forward and 1 reverse nature.

As well as spare parts PES are able to offer service exchange Newage 40m, Newage 85M and Spicer 401 gearboxes from stock for your Barford dumper or can quote and rebuild your existing unit. As the UK’s leading expert on Barford dumpers our breadth of knowledge and experience means you can have confidence in our products.


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