The Yanmar 3TNV88F engine fitted to both the Takeuchi TB230 and the Takeuchi TB235-2 is an EU Stage 5, EPA Tier IV Final emission engine with a 1.642 litre capacity producing a maximum 18.2kW.  This engine is not a commonly found engine within the UK and is not fitted to hardly any other piece of construction equipment as most other OEM’s requiring a sub-19kW 1.6 litre engine fit the Yanmar 3TNV88. Whereas the Yanmar 3TNV88 is a mechanical governor engine the Yanmar 3TNV88F is an electronic governor engine fitted with exhaust gas re-circulation.

So why do Takeuchi fit the Yanmar 3TNV88F to these two machines as it is an inherently more expensive engine to produce and purchase? There is a simple reason for this as the Takeuchi TB230 and Takeuchi TB235-2 are also built and sold in the USA and their regulations require an altitude compensation system fitted to the fuel injection pump. What this altitude compensation system does is measure the height above sea level that the Yanmar 3TNV88F engine is working at and adjust the fuelling on the injection pump to suit. In simple terms, the higher up you are the thinner the air which means less oxygen and therefore you need less fuel. You can only do this with an electronic governed engine and hence they fit the Yanmar 3TNV88F which also becomes a little more emission friendly by having an exhaust gas re-circulation system. This diverts a little bit of exhaust gas from the manifold back through to the inlet manifold to be re-burnt in the combustion process.

As the largest stockist and supplier of Yanmar TNV engines in the UK PES stock the Yanmar 3TNV88F for the Takeuchi TB230 and TB235-2 at a considerable saving over what you can buy it from Takeuchi or rebuild your existing engine for, even if you could find someone with the correct level of competence to do it. This means if your engine dies on Wednesday, you can have a new engine on Thursday and go back to work on Friday.

With over 100 Yanmar TNV engines in stock from the tiny Yanmar 2TNV70 through to the Yanmar 4TNV98CT PES are able to offer you the shortest downtime possible when your engine dies and wants to go to the big engine place in the sky!!!