Yanmar was started as Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho in 1912 producing gas engines and has evolved to be a global manufacturer of industrial engines, commercial engines, agricultural machinery, marine engines, energy and construction equipment. In January 2019 Yanmar produced their 10 millionth vertical water-cooled diesel engine making them one of the largest producers of diesel engines in the world with their range of TNV, TNM and LV engines all meeting the latest emission criteria with. Most people wouldn’t realise that beneath the engine canopy on their Volvo, Hitachi, Hanix, Hyundai, Takeuchi, Doosan, Komatsu, Kobelco, Thwaites, Terex or Yanmar construction equipment there is a Yanmar TNV series engine. The largest engine in common use in the UK being the Yanmar 4TNV98 in either mechanical governor, electronic with EGR or common rail with DPF format which, depending on age, seems to be fitted to most 8 tonne class excavators apart from Kubota and the smallest one being the Yanmar 3TNV70 engine fitted to 1.5 tonne class excavators.

TNV series

PES is the largest stockist of Yanmar TNV water-cooled engines in the UK with over 50 engines in stock and can supply all parts for Yanmar engines. We also have Yanmar Smart Assist that means we are able to ‘plug in’ to your electronic engine and interrogate fault codes, clear them and look at historical engine running information. We also are able to reprogramme Yanmar FIP pumps to work from new ECU’s and vice-versa so if you are looking for a new Yanmar 4TNV98Z engine we are supply a new engine that will work off your existing ECU, not only saving you thousands of pounds on what the OEM would charge for the engine but £800 for a new ECU. One common mistake that is made is with Takeuchi TB175 excavator fitted with the Yanmar 4TNV98. Because the Takeuchi has buttons in the cab to control the engine revs people presume it is electronic whereas Takeuchi use and electric motor pulling a cable to increase and decrease the revs on a mechanical governor Yanmar 4TNV98 -VTBZ or Yanmar 4TNV98-STB. All Yanmar electronic engines have the letter Z after the number e.g. Yanmar 4TNV98-ZQTB. This example means it is a 4 cylinder, TNV series, 98mm bore size, electronic engine, the QTB is the build code specific to each manufacturer. The latest engines are common rail engines utilising a Yanmar high pressure, multi-stage injection system completely electronically controlled by a Yanmar ECU (4TNV98C) or a mechanical fuel injection system with Yanmar electronic governor with EGR or exhaust gas re-circulation, (3TNV88F). PES stock the following engines: 3TNM68, 3TNV70, 3TNV76, 3TNV82A, 3TNV88, 3TNV88F, 4TNV88, 4TNV98, 4TNV98Z, 4TNV98C

LV series

The Yanmar L series engine is the most popular single cylinder, air-cooled, diesel engine currently used in the UK. The Yanmar LA made way for the Yanmar LN series which has now been superseded by the Yanmar LV series which meets all the latest emission criteria by using high pressure injection technology to minimize the fuel needed for combustion. The Yanmar LV series consists of LV48, LV70 and LV100 and are 0.219 litres, 0.32 litres and 0.435 litres capacity respectively. The most popular engine that PES supplies is the older Yanmar LN48 for Belle and Winget concrete mixers which has been replaced by the LV48 and the Yanmar L100V with a 1-inch straight output shaft which seems to be fitted to all different types of small plant. If you hear a single cylinder air-cooled diesel ‘thump’ on a piece of construction equipment such as generators, mixers, tracked pedestrian dumpers or rollers it’s probably a Yanmar L series engine your listening to.




All Yanmar spare parts for current engines (TNV, LV, TNM) are available from PES as well as obsolete engines (TNE, LA, LN). As well as stocking parts PES have immediate and priority access to Yanmar UK and Yanmar Europe as we are the largest Yanmar engine distributor in the UK.