PES are now able to offer replacement Yanmar engines to replace Yanmar 3TNV70 AJUV and Yanmar 3TNV70 BJUV engines for John Deere 850D and John Deere 855D Gator utility vehicles.

These engines are brand new with full warranty and come complete with Yanmar TNV starter motor, Yanmar TNV alternator and Yanmar TNV fuel injection equipment.

The Yanmar 3TNV70 is a 3 cylinder, 0.854 litre engine producing 17kW@3600rpm and with its flat torque curve is used in a variety of applications such as excavators and generators as well as the John Deere Gator. Block stiffening has reduced noise and vibration levels and the in-line fuel pump caters for load changes as rapidly and smoothly as possible making it the ideal engine for the John Deere Gator range.