Anticipation was high as we awaited the arrival of our lorry driver Jim. Onboard he had over £100,000 worth of genuine Thwaites dumper parts, 11 pallets in total. To date, this is the largest stock order we have ever placed with any of our suppliers.

Once the lorry arrived, the stores team were quick to action offloading and storing the pallets in our warehouse. Over the course of the next three days pallets were brought over one by one, with the parts being counted then put into stock.

An order of this size needed to be processed and put into stock as quick as possible so not to disrupt the day-to-day running’s of the business. This was not an issue for our stores team as not only did this order get put into stock efficiently, but they still managed to send out over 180 parcels of parts and receive our daily intake of goods from other suppliers.

Our shelves are now flooded with genuine Thwaites dumper spares so if you are struggling to find parts for your dumper give us a call. You will be surprised at the range of parts we keep in stock for these machines.