Merlo was started in 1911 by Guiseppe Merlo is a small workshop and by 1953 had moved into a 2000sqm production facility on the outskirts of Cuneo, Italy.

Merlo has always been known for its innovation and continuous development which is still true to this day as 8% of its global turnover is re-invested in R & D. In 1987 Merlo launched the world’s first telescopic handler with side engine and low hinged boom at the rear that was the only handler available to offer total visibility from the operator’s seat therefore increasing safety. 1991 saw Merlo launch the world’s first telehandler with a rotating turret giving 360 degree reach without having to re-position and nearly 30 years later Merlo is still the world’s largest supplier of Roto handlers.


With its vast range of in-house manufacturing 90% of parts used in a Merlo product are internally supplied made by a workforce of over 1200 employees, using more than 40,000 tonnes of steel and 1 million cubic metres of welding gas ensuring continuity of quality and supply.

Merlo exports 90% of its manufactured products outside of Italy and operates in over 50 markets through 6 subsidiaries and 600 distributors and is the market leader in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Sweden and as you would expect its own Italian domestic market.

The same modular cab is fitted from the compact Merlo P27.6 Plus to the Merlo P72.10 Plus giving unrivalled levels of space and a massive 4.3sqm of glazed area. All Merlo telehandlers are hydrostatic providing ease of use and precise, controlled movement and are the market leader in hydrostatically driven telehandlers. Merlo still incorporate the ‘ring of steel’ for side protection and low centre of gravity and have industry leading technologies and quality built it giving you the customer, confidence that the Merlo product is the best on the market.


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