The Epiroc range of efficient, highly adaptable SB, MB and HB hydraulic breakers have a pedigree going back to Krupp and Atlas Copco and are synonymous with being the quality breaker on the market that combines performance, durability with a low impact on the environment. Since 1967 with the HM400, Epiroc have been at the forefront of breaker technology and advancement introducing self-lubricating systems, sound and vibration dampening, automatic hardness adjusting, energy recovery and the solid body concept where no tie-rods are used to the market.

That’s why Epiroc don’t bother trying to compete with the plethora of cheap, Korean or Chinese breakers that come in a multitude of colours with different badges on which as soon as it breaks, which it will, the parts aren’t available for three months or the UK distributor has disappeared. Epiroc produces quality breakers at the leading edge of breaker innovation with superb parts back-up that will last for years not months and still have a residual value when you dispose of it. The Epiroc range of hydraulic breakers fits from 0.7 tonne to 140 tonne carrier weight and within it will be a breaker suitable for your task and your machine. Whether it be an Epiroc SB52 with no tie rods and a small nose for getting into narrow trenches on a Kubota K008 or an Epiroc MB1200 with ContiLube automatic greasing and dust suppression to go on your Volvo EC140 on secondary demolition tasks you can be assured that PES Plant and Epiroc will provide you with the best breaker for the job with unrivalled back-up to keep your machine working.

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