The Epiroc MB range of hydraulic breakers has a market leading power to weight ratio and demands significantly less hydraulic input from the carrier compared to other hammers, whilst maintaining maximum input performance. Less carrier input means less fuel burnt and, coupled with outstanding reliability, means the whole life costs are significantly reduced. With Energy Recovery, the hammer automatically shifts into recovery mode when breaking hard material which increases impact performance by up to 25% without demanding any more power from the carrier. As soon as the material is broken, the breaker automatically shifts back to standard mode. From the MB1000 upwards Auto Control automatically controls the breaker’s output to suit the working conditions and the material hardness, maximum impact rate for soft materials and maximum impact energy for hard. Designed and built for demolition, quarrying and civil engineering, the Epiroc MB range of hydraulic hammers is available for carriers from 10 tonnes to 32 tonnes.


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