Barford Dumper Centre Pivot Kits

Since Barford site dumpers went into administration in 2010, PES have managed to keep supplying parts for the Barford dumper range by a mixture of manufacturing parts using the original Barford suppliers or my cross referring them to a Thwaites, Benford, Terex, Terex/JCB or Mecalac parts. Although unable to supply Barford chassis, Barford skips or any major fabricated items, with over £750000 of dumper parts in stock PES have managed to keep customers Barford dumper fleets working on site.

PES offer a range of Centre Pivot Kits (CPK) for Barford SX, SXR, SK and SKR site dumpers. These are available in either full or partial kit form for dumpers between 1 tonne to 10 tonne capacity and contain everything you would need to carry out the work. As repairing a centre pivot on your Barford  dumper is not normally done on site but back in a workshop, it means you can schedule the work, order the parts and when they arrive bring the Barford dumper back to the workshop to carry out the work safe in the knowledge that you will have all the parts to carry out the job. No delays, no hassle, no extended downtime…….. CPK’s give you single part ordering, one carriage charge and are ideal for planned maintenance. Dependent on which one, CPK’s contain nuts/bolts/bearings/pins/seals/washers/clips/covers/grease nipples etc for your Barford SX, SXR, SK and SKR dumper and offer a considerable saving over purchasing the individual items. All the items are in a single bag so can be stored and easily identified at a later date and all parts for your Barford dumper are made in the United Kingdom to the same or enhanced original Barford OEM specification.

If time is not of the essence and you can afford to strip your dumper down before ordering the parts, individual items for your Barford dumper centre pivot are available from the humble grease nipple to the large bottom bearing, from the bearing cap plates to the jubilee clips, PES have it all.


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