Barford dumper handbrake parts

Since Barford site dumpers went into administration in 2010, PES have managed to keep supplying parts for the Barford dumper range by a mixture of manufacturing parts using the original Barford suppliers or my cross referring them to a Thwaites, Benford, Terex, Terex/JCB or Mecalac parts. Although unable to supply Barford chassis, Barford skips or any major fabricated items, with over £750000 of dumper parts in stock PES have managed to keep customers Barford dumper fleets working.

As the largest supplier of dumper parts in the UK, PES can supply everything you require for your Barford SX, SXR, SK and SKR dumper braking and handbrake systems including master cylinders, flexi-pipes, handbrake levers, caliper assemblies, cables, replacement pads and handbrake warning switches and lights. Barford handbrake systems are either mounted on the back of an ITL  and consists of a disc and caliper with either separate round or rectangle pads on powershuttle dumpers, on a Newage drop box with rivetted on half-moon pads on an integral caliper or manually applying in-board wet foot brakes via a cable and levers on a Newage or Dana Spicer axle on manual gearbox dumpers. All of these systems on a Barford dumper are operated by a handbrake lever that can be ratchet, over-centre or over-centre with anti-knock off control system.

There are numerous types of handbrake cables fitted to Barford SX, SXR, SK and SKR dumpers with varying lengths and ends. Although generally the information on OEM, axle or engine type is relevant and correct to aiding the correct selection of cable, please look at the engineering drawing and compare cable lengths and end information to ensure the correct cable is selected.


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