Seats & Accessories

PES supply a range of dumpers seats and accessories to fit Thwaites, Benford, Terex/JCB, Mecalac, Barford, Ausa and Wacker Neuson site dumpers from distinguished manufacturers such as Grammer and Milsco. As the largest Thwaites dealer in the UK we offer the full range of Thwaites genuine seats to fit the range of Thwaites 1 tonne to 9 tonne dumpers as well as the genuine Thwaites green seat belt kit to fit their powershuttle dumpers.

This genuine kit is the only one that is approved by Thwaites and the major UK contractors as it is works with the machine loom to disconnect drive to the transmission. Aftermarket kits normally only stop you starting the dumper without the seat belt connected, if you dismount the machine leaving the engine running you can get back on and drive off without having your seat belt on. As well as selling the more modern seats for Terex/JCB, Barford, Mecalac, Ausa and Wacker Neuson 1 tonne to 10 tonne dumpers, PES sell the old-fashioned P2 traditional bucket type seat for older dumpers such as Benford and the old range of Barford and Thwaites site dumpers. Twenty years ago these non-suspension seat 20 years were one of our biggest sellers but since suspension seats started being fitted to modern dumpers sales have declined remarkably. As well as complete seat assemblies PES can supply seat switches therefore instead of buying a complete seat you can just change the switch, if it fails, which operates some of the dumper safety systems. Seat belts are easily damaged on a Thwaites, Terex/JCB, Mecalac, Barford and Ausa dumper and so PES is able to supply replacement Thwaites genuine seat belts and non-genuine belts to fit Terex/JCB, Mecalac and Wacker Neuson dumpers. These can either be normal lap belts, retractable belts, orange belts and electronic belts that operate dumper safety systems.


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