Thwaites Dumper Filter Kits

PES can supply a range of filter kits for your Thwaites dumpers which have all the filters to allow you to carry out a major service on your Thwaites dumper by ordering a single part number. All Thwaites filters are genuine filters supplied by the Thwaites Parts Dept at the Cubbington factory and not some cheap, Chinese copy filter via Ebay. Please do not get confused with other on-line sellers of cheap Thwaites dumper filters, our filters are not cheapest but they are the correct ones to do the job properly. For critical engine components to last why risk your expensive plant equipment by trying to save a few pounds on a cheap, copy filter? Cheap engine oil filter £5, genuine engine oil filter £9………………new engine £3250.

It’s so important when you are sending an Engineer out to site to service a Thwaites dumper, if he has the wrong filters it can be a costly waste of time. With our knowledge and experience at PES we can supply a filter kit for you Thwaites dumper which allows you to arrive on site confident you have the right, quality, genuine Thwaites filters to do the job.

All filter kits include inner air filter, outer air filter, engine oil filter, fuel filters, transmission filter (where applicable) and hydraulic filter. Tank strainers are not included but can be ordered separately if required.

As well as filter kits PES can supply individual Thwaites filters for your Thwaites dumper so if you just want to carry out a minor service or need an individual filter this can be ordered as well.


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