Thwaites Dumper Pivot Parts

Thwaites only make one product and what they make is arguably the best quality available on the market………..the Thwaites site dumper range. Unlike some manufacturers who assemble their products with superior parts to ensure low warranty failure rates but supply inferior spare parts to maximise profits, all Thwaites dumper centre pivot parts are supplied from the same supplier as the production machines parts are sourced from. All Thwaites dumper centre pivot parts supplied by PES are genuine Thwaites parts from these parts bins giving you peace of mind you are keeping your Thwaites dumper to the same exacting standards that it left Thwaites at Cubbington with.

Do you want to buy your Thwaites dumper centre pivot parts from an internet company who sources its cheap components from China? When the only thing holding the two halves of your Thwaites 9 tonne dumper together is a pin do you want it to be made from recycled bake bean tins or do you want a genuine Thwaites one made in the correct grade of steel, heat treated and hardened and machined to the correct specification? If it’s cheap it’s cheap for a reason. Be safe, be secure and be confident that your  9 Tonne Thwaites dumper will not let you down and turn into two Thwaites 4.5 Tonne dumpers when you least expect it by only fitting genuine Thwaites centre pivot parts.


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