Thwaites Dumper Propshafts&Accessories

Thwaites Dumper Propshafts and Accessories

Thwaites dumpers are the biggest selling dumper in the UK and PES is the largest stockist of genuine Thwaites dumper parts. From our stock of over £750k of dumper parts, PES is able to supply genuine Thwaites propshafts and accessories from stock for next day delivery.

Propshafts may seem simple, after all it’s two universal joints in their yokes attached to an expanding sliding tube. However, as Thwaites propshafts have become lighter and balanced, no more old scaffolding tube used these days, it’s essential that only genuine Thwaites propshafts are used as these are designed to take the torque using the minimum amount of metal. Your Thwaites propshaft is turning hundreds of times a minute transmitting turning motion and torque to the axles. If the tube, weld or universal joint fails that propshaft becomes a very efficient flail destroying everything in its path. Do you really want to rely on a cheap, Chinese universal joint made out of recycled baked bean tins to keep your Thwaites dumper working? As with all the other parts on your Thwaites dumper, genuine Thwaites propshafts, universal joints and accessories are made to a certain standard and PES only sell genuine Thwaites parts from the Thwaites factory at Leamington Spa. Don’t compromise on safety, only fit genuine Thwaites parts to your Thwaites dumper and talk to the experts at PES to keep your Thwaites dumper on site working to its maximum capability.


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