Non greaseable pin 25mm x 130mm


28 in stock (more available to order)

Fits in:

CPKITMACH270 -Pin Thwaites 3 – 4.5 ton dumper 2002 to 2006 when fitted with Yanmar 4TNE84-EWA, 4TNE84T-EWA, 4TNE88-EWA, 4TNE88-EWA2, 4TNV84-KWA, 4TNV84T-XWA, 4TNV88-KWA2,   4TNV88-XWA or 4TNV88-XWA2 engine.

CPKITMACH426- Pin Thwaites 1.5 – 2.3 ton dumper when fitted with Yanmar engine. With exception of 1.5 ton mach 203 with Yanmar 3TNV76-KWA engine.

28 in stock (more available to order)


Non greaseable pin for Mach 570 / 573 – 3 ton Thwaites dumper with Yanmar 3TNV88-XWA2 engine

+ various other Thwaites dumpers



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