The sheer robustness and solid engineered design make the Winget 100T one of the leading concrete mixers within the UK construction market. It has earnt its reputation as a concrete producing powerhouse and for anyone who has had the privilege of working beside it will know of its hard-grafting capabilities.

Powered by the Japanese produced Yanmar electric start engine, the machine uses its heavy duty, chain driven driveline to provide safe use and a reliable performance. Winget promote their drum as a ‘Heavy Duty drum’, and they are not lying. We all know that mixers get misused and abused onsite, however you would have to accidentally hit your quick hitch release and drop a bucket on it to do any damage to the heavy gauged steel. Lastly the multi positioned lockable drum allows for easy use and the pouring capabilities of a barmen at Oktoberfest.

We currently have an offer on during September, the Winget 100T is in stock and is now priced at £2650.00 + VAT. We also offer free delivery; however this is postcode dependant.