Customers often contact PES to price up parts to repair their Yanmar engine in their Thwaites, Takeuchi, Hitachi or one of the other multitude of manufacturers that fit Yanmar engines into their equipment and sometimes are quite unpleasantly surprised at the cost involved. With all modern Japanese engines, they are very reliable if serviced and maintained properly and the Yanmar TNV series is no exception, but as with most modern engines when they go down they go down with a vengeance with a con-rod coming through the side if the oil and filter has not been changed regularly.

With the severe shortage of skilled Engineers out there most customers just want a new Yanmar  engine to bolt in but for those who want to repair their existing engine as a general rule if there is damage to a Yanmar block, Yanmar cylinder head or Yanmar crank it is far more cost effective to fit a new engine. For example, if you wish to overhaul a Yanmar 3TNV76 engine that is fitted to a Thwaites 1 tonne dumper by the time you have bored the block, fitted oversize pistons, polished the crank and fitted new shells, gaskets and seals throughout you are looking at around £1800-£2000 including labour to do the job properly. You’ll always find somebody cheaper who’ll chuck some new after-market piston rings on original, tired Yanmar pistons in a worn Yanmar block but you’ll be back in the same situation in 6 months with the engine breathing like a pervert in a playground. A brand new Yanmar 3TNV76 complete with fuel injection equipment and electrics is £2350 so why would you bother. Your Yanmar engine could go down on a Monday, order a new engine from PES Monday afternoon, receive it Tuesday and the machine could be back on site on Wednesday with a brand new engine in it. As the well known meerkat says……………….simples!!!