The Yanmar TNE range of engines was replaced in 2003 with the Yanmar TNV range in Europe and has been very difficult to replace in the event of a failure as not every Yanmar TNV engine was a direct replacement for a Yanmar TNE engine.  Regretfully the Yanmar 4TNE98 was one of those engines that a Yanmar 4TNV98 couldn’t be swapped for as any build specific parts such as manifolds etc could not be interchanged.

In the last few years Yanmar 4TNE98 engines have been appearing again in industrial forklifts and this has created a demand for replacement engines. With this in mind PES, as the largest supplier of Yanmar TNV engines in the UK, have decided to stock Yanmar 4TNE98 engines and ordered a batch from Japan. These engines have finally arrived after a delay of over 6 months and therefore PES are able to supply new engines with full warranty for forklifts and for older excavators such as The Takeuchi TB175 which had the Yanmar 4TNE98 up until 2003 when they were switched to the later Yanmar 4TNV98.

PES have only ordered a small batch of Yanmar 4TNE98 engine to test the market place and assess demand. If there is a demand PES intend to add the engine to their revolving stock orders and hopefully this will mean there will always be a stock of replacement Yanmar 4TNE98 in stock to meet demand.