As the largest supplier of dumper parts in the UK for Thwaites, Terex, Terex/JCB and Barford dumpers here at PES we offer the complete dumper parts package including the repair of ITL and Spicer transmissions found in the majority of 6 tonne and over front tip and swivel skip dumpers. As well as the normal Thwaites, Terex, Terex/JCB and Barford dumpers we can rebuild these transmissions that are found in Ausa, JCB, NC and even the older Benford dumpers, not that you see many Ausa or Benford branded dumpers on site any more.

Sometimes we have these available on a service exchange basis where you can have a transmission sent out next day delivery and you simply return the old one when the new one is fitted. These ITL and Spicer service exchange transmissions are built to a set standard, with all new bearings, seals, gaskets, oil pumps, friction plates and torque convertor replaced as standard.

If you are not in a hurry for a new transmission for your Thwaites, Terex, Terex/JCB, Barford, Ausa, JCB or NC dumpers you can send your old ITL and Spicer transmission and we will strip, clean and assess what needs doing to it to bring it to a suitable standard and supply a quotation to do it. This often leads to a considerable saving over the price of a service exchange unit and we still give a warranty on the transmission. However, this is just for the parts that we have replaced and not for the whole transmission but in fairness we don’t have many problems with repaired transmissions and if we do its normally because some muppet as either put the wrong oil in it or not lined the torque tangs up with the oil pump and managed to break the pump gears.

Every Spicer or ITL transmission that is rebuilt goes on our test rig where the main pressure, torque pressure, forward clutch pressure, reverse clutch pressure is tested and the dump system checked to ensure smooth gear changes are possible.

All our ITL and Spicer transmissions are rebuilt by Tina in the workshop who happens to be the world’s leading expert on Newage gearboxes and axles, ITL axles and Spicer gearboxes and axles as well. If she could go on University Challenge with her specialist subject of dumper drivelines she would make all those wonderful Uni students look as stupid Gary Lineker does when he gives his opinion on anything else apart from football. (only my humble opinion, I’m sure he’s a smashing fellow really). As she’s been doing it for over 30 years there’s not a lot she doesn’t know about dumper drivelines!!!!

So, there you have it, PES once again offering the complete service for all your Thwaites, Terex, Terex/JCB, Barford, JCB dumpers and the other OEM’s that use the ITL and Spicer transmission. |If you have a problem give us a ring and Tina will work her magic and restore your transmission to full working order in the blink of an eye.