1991 saw Merlo launch the world’s first telehandler with a rotating turret giving 360 degree reach without having to re-position and nearly 30 years later Merlo is still the world’s largest supplier of Roto handlers. All Merlo telehandlers are hydrostatic, have the ring of steel for side protection and low centre of gravity and have industry leading technologies and quality built it giving you the customer, confidence that the Merlo product is the best on the market.

All the Merlo Roto’s feature a spacious, silent-block mounted modular cab that tilts upwards by 20 degrees and have industry leading vision ensuring faster and safer operations. The whole Merlo range features a hydrostatic drive train for precise control with the chassis levelling enabling correction of 12% lateral and 4% frontal allowing the operator to offset the ground slope to work in the maximum safety. The Merlo Dynamic Load Control system compliments this by collecting all the parameters from the machine, analyse them in real time and create a load diagram that allows the Roto driver to understand the perimeter that they can work with the maximum amount of safety.

When you think of rotating turret telehandlers you automatically think of the Merlo Roto. Why would you even consider buying any other rotating turret telehandler when Merlo invented, continuously developed and is the market leader in the concept. Manitou and others might try and copy but they will never emulate the Merlo Roto.