As the largest supplier of water-cooled Yanmar TNV engine in the UK, PES also have the capabilities to diagnose faults on electronic engines using the Yanmar Smart Assist diagnostic tool for all tier 4 and above engines. Previously smaller Yanmar TNV engines such as Yanmar 3TNV70, Yanmar 3TNV76, Yanmar 3TNV82, Yanmar 3TNV88, Yanmar 4TNV88 and Yanmar 4TNV94 all had mechanical governors, the only electronics on the engine were the stop solenoid, starter motor and alternator.

With Tier 5 engines it is only the Yanmar 3TNV70, Yanmar 3TNV76 and the Yanmar 3TNV82 engines that are still mechanical governor. The smallest Yanmar TNV engine PES now supply is 3TNV88-Z which is an ECU controlled fuel injection pump and the 3TNV88C which is common rail. To put it into context the smallest item of plant with an electronic engine used to be the 9-tonne excavator with the Yanmar 4TNV98-Z, now a lowly 3 tonne dumper has an electronic engine.

With this in mind PES have decided to keep a blank Yanmar TNV ECU on the shelf to improve the service time when there is an ECU failure. Previous to this the engine details would have to be supplied to Yanmar Europe and they would have to programme the ECU accordingly which often took over a week from order to the customer. By stocking a Yanmar TNV blank ECU PES are able to use Smart Assist to download the engine data from the internet and programme the ECU to the correct characteristics, if an ECU is ordered before 1200hrs in most circumstances we should be able to supply a programmed one on a next-day basis.