Barford Dumper Cables

Since Barford site dumpers went into administration in 2010, PES have managed to keep supplying parts for the Barford SX and Barford SXR dumper range by a mixture of manufacturing parts using the original Barford suppliers or my cross referring them to a Thwaites, Benford, Terex, Terex/JCB or Mecalac parts. Although unable to supply Barford chassis, Barford skips or any major fabricated items, with over £750000 of dumper parts in stock PES have managed to keep customers Barford dumper fleets working on site.

All Barford SX, SXR, SK and SKR  throttle cables and Barford SX, SXR, SK and SKR  parking brake cables are manufactured in the United Kingdom to the same standard as the original Barford OEM spec and in some cases, particularly the later Barford SK and Barford SKR range of machines, to a higher standard as Barford desperately tried to reduce costs and therefore cheapened the supply chain.

Don’t confuse our Barford cables with alternative cheaper versions available on the internet.  All our Barford cables have the correct end on, clevis, spring or nipple and therefore you won’t have difficulty fitting it because it is a close alternative rather than the correct one. If you need a Barford dumper throttle cable, Barford dumper clutch cable or Barford dumper handbrake cable for your   dumper you might as well talk to the professionals at PES and get the best quality, correct fitting cable that will get your Barford site dumper back on the road earning money rather than trying to fit a cheap, on-line alternative that doesn’t quite fit and breaks again within a short time period.


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