Barford Dumper F&R Levers & Accessories

PES can supply electronic forward/reverse levers for Barford site dumpers for dumpers fitted with the ITL transmission. Forward/reverse levers are fitted to Barford dumpers with over 6000kg capacity and here in the UK the majority of them are fitted to Barford SX6000, Barford SXR6000, Barford SX9000, Barford SXR9000, Barford SK9000 and Barford SK10000  dumpers.

There are several different types of lever for all the range of Barford dumpers, the easiest way to ascertain which one is required is by the year of manufacturer but we stock all of them. On the older Barford dumper type there is a gator fitted to you forward/reverse lever that keeps dirt out of the detent mechanism which holds the lever in the selected position of forward, neutral and reverse. If this detent wears and fails the Barford lever will not stay in position and therefore PES can supply a new gator and knob to prolong the life of your Barford forward/reverse lever.

As the largest supplier of dumper parts in the UK, PES are able to supply forward/reverse levers  and accessory requirements for your Barford SX6000, Barford SXR6000, Barford SX9000, Barford SXR9000 , Barford SK9000 and Barford SK10000  dumpers from our £750k worth of dumper parts on the shelf, ready for next day delivery.


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