Dumper Clutch

PES supply clutches for Thwaites, Terex/JCB, Ausa, Mecalac, Barford and Wacker Neuson dumpers. These are new heavy-duty clutches not reconditioned or light-duty, we stopped supplying reconditioned clutches years ago as we found the early failure rate was too high.

We supply two different types in three different sizes dependent on age and model of the dumper. Apart from the size, which is measured by the diameter of the clutch disc not the spring- loaded cover plate, the difference between the two types is the carbon thrust release bearing on one and the metal bearing type release bearing on the other.  Generally anything with a Deutz, Lister Petter or Perkins engine (normally Benford, Barford, Terex) will have an 8 inch or 9 inch clutch with a carbon thrust release bearing, anything with a Kubota engine (normally Terex/JCB, Mecalac, Ausa) will be a 9.5 inch clutch with a metal bearing type release bearing. Because Yanmar engine powered dumpers (normally Thwaites, Wacker Neuson) span a longer timeframe they can either type of clutch so they can have either type release bearing and can be 9 or 9.5 inch in diameter. If in doubt take the gearbox out and remove the clutch and see what size and release bearing it is before ordering.

When fitting a new clutch to your dumper always be aware of the dangers of clutch dust, some older clutches still had asbestos in them and always check that there is free play on the pedal after fitting. If there is no freeplay it means the clutch will always be slightly dragging and fail quickly and always discourage drivers from driving with their foot on the pedal as again it makes the clutch drag.


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