Terex/Mecalac/Benford Lighting & Accessories

Benford, Terex, Terex/JCB and Mecalac produce a range of site dumpers from the HD1000KR through to the TA9 and PES is one of the largest stockists and suppliers of spare parts for them in the UK. From our stock of over £750k of dumper parts, PES is able to supply Benford, Terex, Terex/JCB and Mecalac lights, brackets, guards, switches, relays and all associated lighting accessories.

Lights for Benford, Terex, Terex/JCB and Mecalac dumpers have evolved from a couple of lights bolted on to the front chassis cross member on the old Benford dumper to full blown integrated systems incorporating brake lights, indicators and full and dipped beam headlights that are plug and play with the original Terex, Terex/JCB and Mecalac loom on the more modern dumpers. As well as the actual Terex, Terex/JCB and Mecalac lights and associated lighting parts PES are able to supply a complete kit with everything you need to convert your Terex, Terex/JCB and Mecalac dumper to being fully road legal.

The more modern Terex, Terex/JCB and Mecalac lights connect directly on to the Mecalac loom via a plug (the days of crimped Lucas connectors are over) and therefore to avoid problems it is recommended that you fit the correct part rather than bodge one to fit. Why compromise by trying to save a few pounds on an eBay or a cheap Chinese copy light, switch or relay switch that shorts out and burns the loom out on your £26k worth of Terex, Terex/JCB, Mecalac dumper. Save yourself the hassle, purchase the correct one from the UK’s leading dumper parts supplier.


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