Throttle cable Thwaites 5-9 ton Perkins engine


7 in stock (more available to order)

1240mm / 49” Throttle cable for Thwaites dumper

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7 in stock (more available to order)


Cable general fits Thwaites 5 to 9 ton dumper when fitted a Perkins 1004-42 or 1004-40T engine, the cable is approximately 1240mm long with a m6 threaded bar and a m6 ball joint on the throttle pedal side and a fixed clevis onto the fuel injection pump controller side, the outer cable is approximately 990mm long and threaded both ends and fitted with two adjuster nuts either end.

The throttle cable links the throttle pedal to the fuel injection pump controller. Frayed or broken cables are dangerous and must be replaced.

Genuine Thwaites part

OEM 100267, T100267

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