Thwaites Dumper Cables & Pedals

Thwaites only make one product and what they make is arguably the best quality available on the market………..the Thwaites site dumper range. Unlike some manufacturers who assemble their products with superior parts to ensure low warranty failure rates but supply inferior spare parts to maximise profits, all Thwaites throttle and parking brake cables are supplied from the same parts bin as the production machines parts are picked from. All Thwaites cables supplied by PES are genuine Thwaites parts from these parts bins giving you peace of mind you are keeping your Thwaites dumper to the same exacting standards that it left Thwaites at Cubbington with.

A cable is not just a cable……… may look the same but a genuine Thwaites throttle or parking brake is manufactured to a certain standard. Is the inner cable self-lubricating, is the outer cable PV proofed, does the clevis thread match the thread on the cable precisely, is the cable long enough so it can freely move? These are the questions that you have to ask yourself before you buy a cheap after-market cable for your Thwaites dumper from one of the many internet-based sales companies that source their spare parts from China. If it’s cheap it’s cheap for a reason. Don’t compromise, only buy genuine Thwaites throttle and parking brake cables and keep your Thwaites dumper in prime condition.


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