Volvo ECR88D Excavator

Volvo ECR88D Excavator

Operating weight – 8890kg

Machine width – 2300mm

Breakout force – 50.4kN

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The new Volvo ECR88D is a vast improvement over the previous model especially on the hydraulics where an open centre system perfectly matched to a stage 5 compliant Volvo 41 kw provides superior accuracy and controllability with a 16% increase in tractive force. The engine is fitted with a EATS system to lower emissions with a regeneration system that does not effect work or productivity. Traditional kingpost pin and bush wear is minimalised by the single pivot design which gives maximum support to the heavy duty bushes between the frame and kingpost casting which when coupled with the high spec material on all the pin and bush joints mean the Volvo will work longer and harder than competitors machines before they need renewing. Access to service items is made easy with large opening bonnets with all the filters grouped for ease of access and standard 50 hour grease intervals means bush wear is reduced when greasing is not carried out on a daily basis. The large, industry leading climate-controlled cab with multiple vents is quickly heated or cooled with a centralised keypad on the right hand console meaning the operator can easily control machine functions and there is ample storage for personal effects in the glove box, side pocket, phone and cup storer and pocket behind the seat. Excellent all-round visibility is achieved by the use of slimline cab pillars and large areas of flat glass. Volvo’s Caretrack system allows machine information such as hours, fuel consumption, location etc to be transmitted to your mobile even letting you set geographical boundaries so if the machine is move outside a predetermined area it alerts you therefore preventing theft. The Volvo ECR88D is the flagship excavator in the compact range and has all the attributes you would expect from a premium product with the back-up and support from SMT and the dealer network to keep your machine working.


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