Epiroc HM1500 F/M Hydraulic Magnet-Carrier weight 12 – 30T

Epiroc HM1500 F/M Hydraulic Magnet-Carrier weight 12 – 30T

  • Integrated LED status display allows constant monitoring of operating conditions.
  • Magnetization can be operated either hydraulically  or electrically by radio or remote control.
  • Fixed magnet plate for demolition and construction sites and movable magnet plate with chain connector for mass loading at scrap yards.

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Epiroc Hydraulic Magnets

The HM1500 is an efficient way of adding magnetic lifting duties to your excavator, it simply plugs into the breaker circuit of the 12 tonne to 30 tonne excavator and provides an ideal way of cleaning demolition sites of rebar and scrap metal which can be hazardous to both people and tyres. Its larger HM2000 brother fits larger 15 tonne to 45 tonne excavator and operates in exactly the same way with a built in generator with advanced control technology providing fast pick up by quick magnetisation and material release by automatic de-magnetising with counter voltage and sequence pulsation.


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