Epiroc HC350 Hydraulic Compactor-Carrier Weight 3 – 8T

Epiroc HC350 Hydraulic Compactor-Carrier Weight 3 – 8T

  • Integrated flow and pressure control valve prevents overloading.
  • Outward shock mounts tilted at 15° to improve force distribution and lessen stain.
  • No need for manual greasing thanks to the permanent oil splash lubrication.
  • Optional backfill blades for clearing and moving soil.
  • Optional 360° endless hydraulic rotation allows optimal positioning and precise handling (HC350-1050)

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Epiroc Hydraulic Compactor

The Epiroc range of excavator mounted hydraulic compaction plates are available for carriers between 1 tonne and 40 tonnes and are designed for effectively compaction of soil in trenching, ground levelling and embankment construction. They can also be used for driving in and pulling out posts, sheet piles and other formwork making it a versatile attachment for many different tasks. They create little additional noise and offer increased safety in trench construction as an operator no longer has to be in the trench with a traditional hand held compactor tool. They are simply plugged into the excavator hammer circuit and have an integrated flow and pressure valve to prevent overloading.



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