Customers often ask why Epiroc SB hammers are the market leader in small hydraulic breakers for mini-excavators in market where they are so many different brands and manufacturers so we thought we would answer those question in an honest, no-nonsense PES type way.

The Epiroc SB range of hammers are suitable for carrier weights of between 0.7 tonnes to 24 tonnes, the SB stands for solid body. Most hydraulic hammers have a hammer assembly that is then fitted into a metal box with vibro-dampening between the hammer and its box. The actual hammer cylinder is a series of machined blocks that the piston goes up and down in that gives you the percussion action, all these blocks are all held together with tie rods with seals keep the fluid in. The Epiroc SB hammer is made of one solid cast piece of material, no tie rods to break and less seals to leak from which means less maintenance.

Because of the one piece body construction, the Epiroc SB breaker has a much narrower ‘snout’ at the tool end meaning that the hammer can get in tighter, smaller spaces than the traditional ‘hammer in a box’ design and also has full length tool bushing which gives much better support for the tool whilst going up and down in the bush and is a floating fit for ease of replacement on site.

The internal design of the Epiroc SB hammer features a patented integrated percussion and guide mechanism which eliminates the weakest part of the normal ‘hammer in a box’ design, less moving components means less chance of failure. Coupled with this the Epiroc SB range of hydraulic breakers gives you more breaking power per kilogram than any other breaker on the market utilising an energy recovery system that uses recoil energy from the piston to reduce vibrations and thus increasing performance.

The only downside to the Epiroc SB hydraulic hammer is that it is slightly more expensive than its competitors but if you take the running costs over the length of service it provides a far superior whole life cost of ownership. Buy cheap, buy twice. Go to any plant auction and there you will see an array of cheap Korean/Chinese/Italian hammers 2 or 3 years old being auctioned off as they have reached the end of their economic life. So, if you need a hydraulic hammer for your mini-digger look at the Epiroc SB range, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Solid body – no tie-rods to break and less leaks
  2. Half the amount of moving parts as a traditional breaker
  3. Biggest ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of breaking power
  4. Small snout for getting into small spaces
  5. Best product support in the market
  6. Best whole life costs of any breaker on the market.