Surely a tool is a tool? They all look the same and they all break or get damaged in the end anyway. Nothing could be further than the truth than that statement. Think of your Epiroc SB hydraulic hammer tool as like a battery for a torch. You can buy some really cheap batteries from China that look the same as a Duracell, they fit in the torch a treat and when you push the ‘on’ button you get a nice bright torch beam.

Sadly, that’s where the analogy ends as the worst thing that can happen to your torch is the light goes out the second time you use it or the battery corrodes in the torch prematurely. The pain of using a cheap tool in your Epiroc SB hammer can have far worse consequences and that means not just breaking or snapping.

Cheap tools in Epiroc SB hammers, whether they are points or chisels, have been known to bend causing excessive bottom bush wear or simply snap in half when an inexperienced operator uses it as a lever. Also, the Epiroc SB hammer piston is a finely machined part that strikes the head of the tool giving you the percussive force and considering the Epiroc SB range pistons can hit the tool up to 2300 times a minute that’s a lot of energy going from the piston to the tool. The strike face on cheap tools can start to distort and break up which, at the minimum, can damage the Epiroc SB piston seal causing oil to leak down the tool and at the maximum damage the Epiroc SB piston strike face causing the stress fractures and breaks.

Why take the risk of causing £1000’s of pounds worth of damage to your Epiroc SB hammer to save a few pounds on a cheap tool. Genuine Epiroc SB hammer tools have gone through a process of carburising, hardening, tempering and stress-relieving to give you a product that will work in harmony with your Epiroc SB hammer, can you say the same about your cheap tool you purchased from the internet. It’s not just a tool, it’s a genuine Epiroc SB hammer tool so keep it genuine and don’t take the risk…………………. you know it makes sense!!!!