There is still a fair amount of confusion about Epiroc and there will be for some time as it wasn’t just a simple name change as Atlas Copco still exists.

Atlas Copco were a Swedish company who over a period of time bought other companies to add to their portfolio of equipment such as Krupp hydraulic hammers which gave them a range of medium to heavy breakers, Dynapac which gave them a range of compaction equipment and road machinery and Ingersoll Rand which gave them access into the drilling rig sector. When they bought Krupp for years afterwards everybody still called them Krupp hammers and not Atlas Copco and I expect the same now with everybody still calling the hydraulic hammers Atlas Copco instead of Epiroc

Within the last 5 years Atlas Copco have sold a lot of these acquisition’s, Dynapac was sold to Fayat Group which owns Bomag, the light equipment division was sold to Husqvarna and Atlas Copco decided to split the remaining business lines into industrial and mining and infrastructure. In a nutshell anything than produced air or required air to operate was held under the Atlas Copco brand and everything else was re-branded in a separate company they named Epiroc.

Epiroc therefore have the following types of equipment under their portfolio.

Small hydraulic hammers. (Previously known as Atlas Copco SB range)

Epiroc SB52, Epiroc SB102, Epiroc SB152, Epiroc SB202, Epiroc SB302, Epiroc SB452, Epiroc SB552.


Medium hydraulic hammers. (Previously known as Atlas Copco MB range)

Epiroc MB750. Epiroc MB1000, Epiroc MB1200, Epiroc MB1500, Epiroc MB1650


Heavy hydraulic hammers. (Previously known as Atlas Copco HB range)

Epiroc HB2000, Epiroc HB2500, Epiroc HB3100, Epiroc HB3600, Epiroc HB4100, Epiroc HB4700, Epiroc HB5800, Epiroc HB7000, Epiroc HB10000


Hydraulic Compactors (Previously known as Atlas Copco HC range)

Epiroc HC150, Epiroc HC350, Epiroc HC450, Epiroc HC850, Epiroc HC1050


Multi-Grapples. (Previously known as Atlas Copco MG range)

Epiroc MG100, Epiroc MG200, Epiroc MG300, Epiroc MG400, Epiroc MG500, Epiroc MG800, Epiroc MG1000, Epiroc MG1500, Epiroc MG1800, Epiroc MG2300, Epiroc MG2700, Epiroc MG3000, Epiroc MG5000


Combi-Cutters (Previously known as Atlas Copco CC range)

Epiroc CC1600, Epiroc CC2300, Epiroc CC3100, Epiroc CC3700, Epiroc CC5000, Epiroc CC7000


Pulverisers (Previously known as Atlas Copco DP and Atlas Copco BP range)

Epiroc BP2050, Epiroc BP2050R, Epiroc BP3050, Epiroc BP3050R, Epiroc DP2000, Epiroc DP2800