October has now been officially changed to Gatorober in PES as for some unfathomable reason PES has sold three times the amount of Yanmar 3TNV70-AJUV replacement engines to fit into John Deere Gator 850D and 855D UTV’s as it does in a normal month.

Whether the weather has played a part or it is just one of those unusual, unfathomable peaks in demands that occasionally comes along but as the largest stockists of Yanmar TNV engines in the UK PES were able to keep customers happy and supply new Yanmar 3TNV70 engines for next day delivery to everyone.

However, don’t worry. If November decides to compete with October we still have Yanmar 3TNV70-AJUV replacement engines in stock and there are another 10 due in mid-month so if you require an engine for either your John Deere Gator 850D or John Deere Gator 855D you know where to come for next day delivery.

PES, the largest distributor and stockists of Yanmar TNV engines in the UK.