Barford Dumper Gearbox / Transmissions

The Barford SX range of dumpers were fitted with Newage 40M gearboxes in the Barford SX2000 and Barford SXR2000 (2 tonne capacity) and the Newage 85M gearboxes in the Barford SX3000 and Barford SXR3000 (3 tonne capacity) until Newage went into administration and then both ranges were fitted with the Spicer 401. Both the Newage and the Spicer boxes fitted to the Barford SX range of dumpers were very similar in design and could be described as ‘crash type’ boxes with no syncromesh on any gears and a simple 3 forward and 1 reverse nature.

The larger Barford SX5000, Barford SXR5000, Barford SX6000, Barford SXR6000, Barford SX9000, Barford SXR9000 and Barford SK1000 were fitted with the ITL powershuttle transmission with an electronic over hydraulically operated clutch pack for forward/reverse operations and 4 synchromesh gears with dump-switch. These torque convertor ITL transmissions are fitted to all current production dumpers now and are a robust unit which stand up well to the rigors and abuse on construction sites.

As well as spare parts PES are able to offer service exchange Newage 40m, Newage 85M, Spicer 401 gearboxes and ITL transmissions from stock for your Barford dumper or can quote and rebuild your existing unit. As the UK’s leading expert on Barford dumpers our breadth of knowledge and experience means you can have confidence in our products. All Barford ITL transmissions are tested on our in-house test rig for 30 minutes before despatch ensuring ITL solenoids are engaging ITL clutch packs with the correct pressure.


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