The Newage 40M gearbox fitted to Barford SX2000, Barford SXR2500 is a simple non-synchromesh gearbox with 3 forward and 1 reverse gear. The design of the Newage 40M gearbox did not change for years and was available in several different builds including with a built in dropbox. There are literally thousands of Newage 40M gearboxes in circulation and since Newage went into administration PES have manufactured the internal components using the original Newage suppliers to ensure the continuity of parts for your Barford SX2000 or Barford SXR2000 dumper. Most Newage 40M parts are available, apart from castings, from stock for next day delivery or PES are able to offer complete service exchange Newage 40M gearboxes from stock or can quote to repair your existing Newage 40M gearbox in your Barford SX2000 or Barford SXR2000 dumper.