Volvo DD25W Roller

Volvo DD25W Roller

  • New Volvo D1.7A engine delivers high performance while meeting the stringent stage IV emissions regulations without an exhaust aftertreatment system.
  • 360° -visibility, with an optimally positioned sliding seat and a sloping engine hood design, the operator will experience industry-leading, all-around visibility.
  • A rust-proof, pressurized water system provides consistent flow to the drum surfaces – eliminating asphalt pick-up.

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Volvo Twin Drum Roller

The Volvo DD25W design means safety is designed in to the roller with excellent all-round visibility thanks to the operator positioning and sloping engine bonnet providing excellent forward and reverse vision and a clear view of the drum edge and surroundings. A rust proof pressurised water system is fitted as standard with 8 nozzles, each with fine easily removable cleanable filter before the jet minimising clogging, providing consistent flow to the drums ensuring proper fan spray and eliminating asphalt pick-up. The water system can also be precisely controlled with timed sprays to the drums saving water and refilling time. The Volvo DD25W comes with two selectable frequencies that the operator can easily change to match performance with production requirements and an automatic vibration system eliminating mat damage by the operator by accidently engaging the vibration when stationary. The drum surfaces have been machined, are perfectly round and have chamfered edges ensuring the roller produces a smooth, defect free mat. The new Volvo D1.7A engine is ideally matched to the hydraulic system delivering high performance and a reduction of 7% on fuel usage over the previous engine and is easily accessible via the hinged lightweight canopy which tilts fully forward via two gas struts.


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