As the largest supplier and stockists of dumper parts in the UK, PES is able to supply spare parts for Thwaites, Benford, Terex, Terex/JCB and Mecalac dumpers. There are other brands of dumpers available so we thought it would be interesting to chart the pedigree and history of all the dumper brands available here in the UK.


Benford, Terex, Terex/JCB, Mecalac.

Benford were based in Warwick with both the machines and parts supplied from the same factory. The large Global Terex Corporation purchased Benford and dropped the Benford name and moved production to Coventry but the spares were still supplied from the old Benford factory at Warwick. Terex then closed the Warwick spare parts facility and moved it to Germany to a large Terex spare parts facility where supply became problematic to say the least. Terex then disposed of the Terex mini-digger range to Yanmar which meant the dumper spare parts moved back to Coventry. Again, lots of supply problems for spare parts during the transition. Terex started making dumpers for JCB which were essentially the same as the Terex but with a few different metal panels. JCB then started making their own dumpers and cancelled the contract with Terex. Terex then sold their dumper and roller range and the backhoe loader to Mecalac.

Complicated or what!!! If it wasn’t for PES stocking vast amounts of spare parts for the dumpers during the several different name changes and transition periods lots of dumpers would have been parked up awaiting spare parts.


Barford site dumpers were made in Grantham by Wordsworth Holdings at the old Aveling Barford works. Barford were the first OEM to fit a 100hp engine to a dumper and the first OEM to use polypropylene tanks and produced a range of well built, strong site dumpers. In 2010 Barford went into administration and that was effectively the end of the Barford dumper product as there was no buyer interested for the Administrator to sell to. PES continue to supply parts for Barford dumpers by utilising the original suppliers to Barford where possible or by cross-referring them to Thwaites or Terex parts.

Wacker Neuson

Lifton dumpers were manufactured in Wales and were one of the first OEM’s to produce a hydrostatic 1 tonne skip loading dumper. In the late 90’s Lifton were bought out by Neuson and the product went from being yellow Lifton’s to red Neuson’s and the range expanded up to 9 tonne carrying capacity. The factory in Wales was closed and production moved to Europe and then in 2007 Neuson merged with another equipment manufacturer called Wacker to become Wacker Neuson and the product went back to being yellow. Wacker Neuson are a global manufacturer manufacturing a range of construction products including dumpers, plate compactors, mini excavators and telehandlers.


Ausa are a Spanish manufacturer who were acclaimed with manufacturing the first real skip loader in the form of the Ausa 108. The original machines were 2 wheel drive, rear wheel steer with a manual gearbox and a single cylinder engine air-cooled engine. Ausa also make compact forklifts and telehandlers and developed a complete dumper range from 1 to 10 tonne capacity. The Ausa is a very strong seller in Spain and France, their main two markets, but it appears during the last 5 years Ausa lost interest in the UK market and as their dealer network fragmented their market share dropped.  They have become a ‘bit part’ player in the UK dumper market with their parts supply direct from Manresa in Spain after they did not renew their contract with PES in 2020.


NC manufacture a range of dumpers from 1 -10 tonne capacity from there factory in Northern Ireland. Mainly known for their trailer and tanker manufacturing, the NC dumper, originally supplied in green and now yellow, appears to be a well-engineered, well-built dumper supplied through their dealer network. Although it appears to be a quality product, they have struggled to gain significant market share against the ‘big’ manufacturers.


Thwaites only make site dumpers and are the market leader in terms of volume in the UK market. They have always been called Thwaites, have always been yellow and have always been built at Cubbington near Leamington Spa. A well-built, well-engineered British product with possibly the best product support in the dumper market, Thwaites like to think that they produce a superior product to their competitors. In terms of the ‘complete package’ they are probably not wrong, nobody ever got sacked for buying a Thwaites dumper because it does exactly what it should do with very little drama!! Not the cheapest on the market but the strongest in terms of residual value, after all you pay for what you get (or deserve).


The original JCB dumpers were badged Terex’s with just a few cosmetic changes to make them look a little different to the Terex. You know if you have a Terex/JCB as it says it is made in Coventry and not in JCB land in Staffordshire. JCB decided it was going to drop Terex and make its own dumpers, one of the first dumpers they produced was the JCB Hi-Viz, a 6 tonne capacity straight tip dumper with a very low centre of gravity and great forward vision from the cab. A strange looking dumper to say the least, it has been re-branded as the site-safe range available in 6 tonne or 9 tonne forward tip versions. The range consists of 1 tonne skip loaders, 3 tonne straight and swivel, 6 tonne straight and swivel, 9 tonne straight and the 6 and 9 tonne site-safe dumpers. JCB seem to target the hire market for their dumpers which gives them instant volume as opposed to end-user sales which take longer to build up a volume. They will succeed, probably at the expense of Mecalac.


Obsolete dumpers.

A blast from the past, remember these?

Stothert & Pitt                   Winget (still made but only for export)

RJE                                         Johnson

Compair Holman              Liner

Mortimer                            Rob Roy