The Yanmar 3TNV82A engine is a 3 cylinder, 1.331 litre capacity, direct injection diesel engine producing 19kW@2600rpm and is part of the Yanmar TNV range which goes from 0.57 litre capacity 2TNV70 through to the 3.319 litre capacity 4TNV98.

The Yanmar 3TNV82A is an extremely popular engine with mini-excavator manufacturers in their 2.5 tonne to 3.5 tonne carrier weight range as its compact dimensions and power to weight ratio makes it an ideal engine for this size machine. For example, Doosan fit this Yanmar 3TNV82A to their Doosan DX27Z and Doosan DX30Z (as well as Doosan 7/26 compressor) whilst Takeuchi fit this to their Takeuchi TB125 and Takeuchi TB225 excavators.

The benefit of the Yanmar TNV range over the equivalent Kubota is that the base Yanmar TNV engine is the same whereas with the Kubota it is not. This makes the Yanmar TNV a very cost-effective engine to replace over the Kubota as you cannot be held to ransom by the OEM where you have to buy a replacement engine from them at often an exorbitant price.

At PES we are the largest stockists and suppliers of Yanmar TNV engines and using our knowledge and experience we are able to guide you in buying the correct, most cost-effective Yanmar 3TNV82A engine for your machine. The largest hurdle to over come is the PTO aperture on the timing cover, all of the other build specific parts are easy to swap over from the existing engine. On some applications, e.g., Takeuchi TB225 it is essential to buy the correct spec engine without the PTO aperture as the front engine mount sits where the PTO aperture is meaning that the front of the engine will need to be swapped over.

At PES we stock Yanmar 3TNV82A engines with and without this PTO aperture which means we can supply an engine to suit every application so if you have a requirement for a Yanmar 3TNV82A engine why don’t you ring PES and allow us to supply you the right engine, from stock, for next day delivery.

Below is a list of some of the OEM’s and models that fit the Yanmar 3TNV82A engine.

Yanmar                 Yanmar SV26, Yanmar VIO27-5, Yanmar B25V, Yanmar B27

Takeuchi              Takeuchi TB25FR, Takeuchi TB125, Takeuchi TB225

Case                      Case CX31B, Case CX30B, Case CX27B

Komatsu              Komatsu PC27-MR2, Komatsu PC26-MR2

Hitachi                 Hitachi ZX26U

Kobelco               Kobelco SK26-1E, Kobelco SK35SR-6SE, Kobelco SK28SR-6E, Kobelco SK30SR-6E