Whilst never one to cast doubt on your competitor’s offering as every machine has it’s features and benefits and its strengths and weaknesses, it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two biggest selling site mixers in the UK. So here we go, in the yellow corner we have Winget and in the orange corner the Belle. Second’s out, may the best man/woman/gender fluid person win!!

Round 1.

What both mixers have which is a plus point of both OEM’s is the single cylinder, air-cooled Yanmar L48V engine. Kubota make an air-cooled engine as do our German friends at Hatz but the reason the Yanmar L48V is used by both OEM’s is that it is simply the best, reliable, most cost-efficient available. The Yanmar L48V is part of the Yanmar LV range, the largest selling single cylinder air-cooled diesel in the universe.

Round 1 no clear winner

Round 2.

The Winget has a two piece drum whereas the Belle has a one piece. What this means is when the labourer beats seven bells out the top of the drum to remove semi-hardened waste mix and the top of the drum is all distorted the Winget owner buys a new top to fit on but the Belle owner has to buy a complete new drum. The Winget owner therefore has money to go to the pub on the way home whereas the Bell owner is straight home for his tea.

Round 2 definitely goes to Winget

Round 3.

The Belle has a one piece gearbox whereas the Winget is made up of individual components therefore the Belle is easier to replace than the individual components of the Winget.

Round 3 clear winner Belle

Round 4.

The one piece gearbox in the Belle which is easy to replace is easier as it needs to be. The weight of the drum and its load is directly supported by the gearbox bearing which can lead to premature failure. The drum and load of the Winget is supported by bearings deep in the drum for maximum load support, who needs to have a ‘quick change gearbox’ when you don’t need to change it that often.

Round 4 clear winner is Winget.

Round 5.

The Winget has a heavy duty cast steel bevel crown wheel and pinion and the Belle has a worm and gear type arrangement. The reason why 99% of all motor vehicles have a crown wheel and pinion rather than a worm and gear is…………………………… worm and gears don’t last under load.

Round 5 clear winner is Winget


Round 6.

The general design of the Belle appears to be not as rugged and robust as the Winget. If you stood them next to each other the yellow Winget looks far ’chunkier’ than the orange Belle. You could argue that it doesn’t make any difference as long as the business end of the mixer is okay but if you were to accidently drop both mixers off the back of a lorry I would like to bet the yellow one would survive better than the orange one. However, if you don’t decide to accidently drop them off the back of a lorry, don’t worry the Belle will be fine!

Round 6  No clear winner


So, there you have it. In six rounds there are three rounds for Winget, one for Belle and two as a draw. I think you can logically conclude that although there is nothing wrong with the Belle, if you want a heavy-duty, well-engineered mixer the obvious selection is the Winget. Also, it could be down to personal preference but orange paint colour…………………really.